Black Girl Magic :: Superwomen of the Olympics

September 13, 2016

OMG, did you watch the Rio Olympics?!?!  Did you see how FABuLOUS these two right here were?!?!  Especially, Ms. Simone Biles!  She’s a badass, superwoman, warrior and shero all rolled into one.  And the rest of the ladies gynmastics team? Aly, Laurie, Madison and Gabby – those girls rock!  And then, Simone Manuel?!?!? And the US Women’s Track & Field team.  I could go on and on and on and on …… I love the Olympics, I sit mesmerized by the athletes in just about any and every sport, but this year watching the prowess of the US female athletes just made me proud.  There was all kinds of magic going on – black girl magic, boss girl magic, just magic.  Congrats to all of the Olympians on a job well done. (Yes, in case you were wondering, I’m experiencing a little withdrawal …..).
Oh, and did you know, that Simon Biles has her own emoji’s called SIMOJI!?!?! (Now is that badass or what?) They’re super cute. You can get your own set of Simoji’s here. What???? You know I’m 12.