Boss Lady Diaries :: From New York With Love

October 08, 2015


Long before I started effie’s paper, I was an online shopper.  Some might say that it’s because I like to receive things in the mail. Ok, well, who doesn’t?  But, honestly, online shopping has made my life so much easier!  Living in New York is awesome, but shopping in New York . . . Well, depending on who you ask and what your shopping for, shopping in New York can be a pain in the ?!*&.  Lugging stuff from Target on the train for example, IS NOT FUN.  And then along came Amazon, and then Amazon Prime and then Amazon Prime NOW – enuf said, right?!


As a consumer who receives quite a lot of packages in the mail, I quickly weeded out the companies I would order from again and those I would not.  Any company that doesn’t take the time to present my order nicely, why bother with a repeat order when there’s a plethora of competition out there?  As a result, I knew when I started effie’s paper, that I wanted to send our orders out from New York with love.  When someone receives an ep package, I want them to feel like it’s been specially wrapped for them just as if they’d purchased it from a boutique.  It’s important to me that our customers know how much we appreciate them.  Taking the time to go the extra mile and make your items look pretty is the least we can do!  It’s no fun to be excited to receive something in the mail only to be disappointed by the presentation; we aim to please and put smiles on the faces of all of our customers.  So here’s to you dear customer – THANK YOU!


A few things to think about when creating your company’s packaging:

  1. Your packaging should reflect your overall branding.  Choose one of your company colors to highlight in your packaging.  For effie’s paper, I use our signature pink-orange-purple gradient on our branding labels and pre-printed thank you notes.
  2. Wrap your products in tissue paper before you box them.  It’s an extra touch that makes people feel like they’re opening a gift when they receive your package.
  3. Use branding labels on the outer shipping box so that when your package arrives they know it’s coming from you and get excited about opening it to see the inside contents.
  4. Include a thank you note, hand-written or pre-printed (I usually jot a little something on our pre-printed notes as well), to thank your customer for their purchase.
  5. Think about including a promo card for free shipping or a discount on their next order – you could choose to include this on your thank you note.

I hope this is helpful to all you Boss Ladies out there!!

Stylishly yours,