Boss Lady Diaries :: The Importance of Coffee

September 18, 2015

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I had a meeting last Tuesday morning with a potential collaborator.  The meeting was great, the coffee was not.  I intended to get coffee on my way to the meeting, but I didn’t want to be late and I didn’t really want to show up at a coffee shop with someone else’s coffee.  I think that’s considered kind of rude. …



My husband knows that my morning mantra is “Ok, but first coffee”.  He’s accepted this fact, along with my $5 a day coffee habit. I’ve been waxing poetically about the virtues of coffee for ages!  You know – the immediate clarity, focus and good feeling it imbues.  And get this, as a kid, my favorite flavor of ice cream?  You guessed it, coffee!



My preferred coffee drink of choice is a latte.  On the weekends, particularly during the winter months, it’s a gingerbread latte made with the syrup from Starbucks (in case you didn’t know it, their syrups are available for purchase).  I’ve learned that not everyone can make a great latte which is especially disappointing when you are at a highly touted coffee shop (which was the case yesterday)!  Bad coffee aside, the meeting really went well – I was awake and alert despite my lack of caffeine.  But, functioning without my morning jolt truly underscored the importance of coffee for me . . .  There are lots of things I can forego in the am, but for me to operate on all four cylinders, I need a good cuppa Joe!



More about the meeting another day, just had to get my caffeine fixation off my chest  . . . stay tuned for some new projects and possibly an effie’s paper coffee-related product or two!