Breakfast is ALWAYS a Good Idea!

March 17, 2017

“Whipping up a decent smoothie can be labor intensive and a real time suck on busy mornings. To the rescue: Daily Harvest.” – SHAPE

I hate to admit it, but I’ve never been good about eating breakfast.  Drinking coffee? Yes. Eating breakfast? No.  It took a visit with my internist last year to jolt me back into reality.  In essence, she said that everything I am doing to maintain a “healthy” lifestyle is being thwarted by not getting the proper nutrients in my body at the beginning of the day. Since then, I’ve eaten breakfast almost daily. How you ask?
Two words: Daily Harvest.
Before Daily Harvest, taking the time to make breakfast was never high on my priority list. I’ve tried – I have a nutri-bullet and I love smoothies, but buying the fruits and veggies, and then cutting them up to make the smoothies is easier said than done, right? There’s no time for all that, let’s be real.
So, what is Daily Harvest? Well, it all started with founder Rachel Drori, a busy New Yorker who also wanted to have the time to make smoothies in the morning, but life got in the way.  Instead she created a company that makes ready-to-blend whole food smoothies and delivers them to you!  Yup, you know that got me right there – well, delivery AND beautiful branding AND easy to make GREAT SMOOTHIES (freeze until you’re ready to use; then just throw in the blender [nutri-bullet] and add water).
I just had to share this goodness!  And, since you are a part of my girl gang and are totally #badass, if you’re interested in trying Daily Harvest, just click right here for $15 off of your first order.