Date Night :: Pasquale Jones

September 11, 2016

The thing that’s GREAT about living in New York City is that there are sooo many great restaurants. But ask any New Yorker and they’ll tell you that it’s very easy to forget about all of the great new places because they just keep going to their old standbys. Sure, when friends are visiting, you make it a point to take them some place cool and hip and very New York, but that takes effort . . . and sometimes, let’s just be honest, it’s just easier to put your pj’s on, order dinner on Seamless, and watch an episode of your current Netflix fave.

effiespaper-PJ 6

So what’s a couple to do? Well, we made a bunch of reservations at restaurants we’ve been wanting to try – yup, we scheduled some good old date nights! First up, Pasquale Jones. This little gem is tucked away in NoLita, super cute; but there’s no phone and the only way you can make a reservation is on Resy. They’re a small wood-fired restaurant that makes delicious pizza and yummy pastas. I think New York magazine put it best when it described the space as, “[t]wo small rows of slate tabletops and a couple of half-moon banquettes are folded, origami style, into this little space . . . “ If you like knocking elbows with your neighbors, I highly recommend – our meal was delicious! OH, and they do not accept tips. Why? Because at a high quality restaurant, good service should be par for the course. Love them already? Apparently, this no tipping policy is a new trend in the hipster world which is why I need to get out more!

effiespaper-PJ 5

We started with the Leeks – they’re prepared with toasted walnuts and slices of Parmigiano-Reggiano. So yummy, that I used my bread to soak up every last drop. Then we had the Wood Smoked Trout and Cucumber in the garlic chive and buttermilk sauce appetizer. Devine. And to finish, the Little Neck Clam Pizza – scrumptious.

effiespaper-PJ 4

Our meal was delish and the service was on point. What else could make the night better? As we were settling the bill a couple was seated to our right (remember it’s a bit cozy); we looked up and one of the guys was my husband’s former London colleague. Talk about a small world, right? Nope, just another New York night.

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And then, just like in the movies – I kicked off my heels, put on my flats and walked home hand-in-hand with the one I love.