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August 12, 2015


ep-ESSENTIALS letter writing

Here are a few of my must haves before I sit down to write the perfect thank you note! Of course, a stash of stylish stationery from effie’s paper is first and foremost (but, let’s assume you’ve got your stash). Ok, let’s get started.


  • Make sure your address book is nearby, insure your hand-written note gets put in the mail by insuring you have the address of whomever you’re sending it to nearby.  I love Smythson’s address books, but your iPhone contacts list will do the job just as well.


  • Before you start writing, have your favorite pens nearby. I’m partial to LePen – they write well and come in a rainbow of colors.


  • Stamps! Seems like a no-brainer, but lots of letters never get sent because the sender doesn’t have stamps. Did you know that you can order stamps online now?


  • Write near or underneath a good light source. I pen most of my letters at my desk under the glow of my Miss K lamp.


  • Sometimes I clip a magazine or newspaper article that I want to send someone (yes, I could probably email it, but what’s the fun in that?); having my handy-dandy Swarovski encrusted stapler (it just makes me smile) and a rainbow of paperclips on my desk means that the accoutrements to my letter will be neat and pretty.


  • A great desk blotter makes it so much easier to write than writing directly on the surface of my desk. I really like the serenity of having a white desk, so my blotter is also white.


  • And lastly, before you get started, listening relaxing music is always a good way to unwind and begin to think about what you want to say.


Now you are all set – just put pen to paper and write away!


Stylishly yours,



no. 1 Address Book // Smythson | no.2 Pens // LePen | no. 3 Stamps // USPS | no. 4  Desk Lamp // Kartell | no. 5 Paper Clips // Target | no. 6 Stapler // Wayfair | no. 7 Desk Blotter // Satechi | no. 8 Headphone Skins // Skins For The Beats


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