Fill-In the Blank Camp Notes

June 20, 2013

effie's paper Camp Notes Fill-in the blank

Greetings From Camp Grenada!

If you don’t know the classic camp complaint letter based on letters songwriter and singer Allan Sherman actually received from his son while he was at sleep away camp, you should.  We’ve saved you the trouble of a massive YouTube search, just click here.

From what we hear, all kids get a little teary-eyed when they go away to camp for the first time . .  BUT, then they start having fun and forget all about going home and writing home?  Well, make sure you hear from your kids while they’re away at camp this Summer with our fun fill-in the blank Camp Notes! Our Camp Notes make it easy for your kids to tell you about their camp experiences and ensure that you’ll hear from your little ones while they’re away.  It’s easy-peasy for you and for them.

For only $12.00 buy yourself a little peace of mind – you send your camper away with 10 note cards, 10 white envelopes and 10 matching seals/stickers and in return you will get weekly updates. Click here to see our color options. GREAT TIP:  Pre-address and stamp the envelopes for your camper so that all they have to do is fill-in the blanks!


Oh, and be sure to check out our children’s fill-in the blank Thank You Notes too. Our super easy fill-in the blank Thank You Notes will make your life and theirs much easier – we promise!

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