"Girl Behind the Hustle" Podcast

January 27, 2020

As kids, my mom drilled into us the importance of good manners and proper behavior. She'd always say, "You never know who's watching you." I have to admit it, my mom was right. Nevertheless, I was surprised when I was interviewed by Lucretia "LC" Thomas for her podcast, @girlbehindthehustle, and she told me that she learned about #effiespaper years ago when she worked in the custom print department of one of my vendors. Small world, right???
Click here to listen to our conversation about the DAILY GRIND of entrepreneurship. We talk about the importance of having peers and friends in your corner, being brave enough to pivot and the reason you should hire a business coach when you start your business. If you're curious about how I started my business, how I keep all of my balls in the air or are thinking about starting (or have recently started) a products-based business, I'm spillin' all the tea in this episode.
Simply, click here to listen!