Grandmothers + Thank You Notes

January 21, 2014

ep-bazar magazine-thx you-grandmother

Grandmothers are truly special creatures: loving, doting and capable of getting you to do things no one else could. Am I lying?  I’ve just described your Nana, Granny, Grandmama, MeMaw, Grandmother to a “T”, right? This Bazaar Magazine essay on Grandmothers and Thank You notes rang true to my ears; I just had to share it! The art of gratitude is something we can all continue to perfect . . . what better way to do so than by sitting down and penning a thank you note just like your grandmother would expect you to do? My thank you notes don’t always get out on time (please forgive me), but I do get them out because Effie taught me the importance of gratitude.

Stylishly yours,

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