July 30, 2015


Hi there!


My name is Kalyn and among other things, I’m the founder and creative director of effie’s paper. I am a lawyer turned fashion stylist turned stationer/graphic designer (and sous chef to my husband when he lets me in the kitchen!). My weaknesses are diamonds, pretty stationery, Hermès scarves, a good denim shirt, sequins and metallics. I love a little touch of glam! And I love to laugh (l’ll let you in on a little secret, everyone looks better when they smile). Oh yes, and I’m all about having great stationery to pen thank you notes, love notes and just because notes to friends and family.


I’ve been penning letters to friends, family and colleagues since I was little girl. In fact, our company is named after my maternal grandmother, Mrs. Effie Hayes, who believed a lady should have the perfect shade of red lipstick, write a wicked thank you note and always carry a hanky in her pocketbook. And yes, I’ve followed this advice all my life and it’s served me well!


My obsession with pretty paper began as a child when my grandmother introduced me to the world of good manners and stylish stationery. So, it only seemed fitting to name my stationery company after my gran. I know she’s up in heaven just tickled pink that her letter-writing legacy lives on.


Here at effie’s paper, we make awesome stationery, cheeky pencils and lots of other pretty paper products and desk accessories and whatnot. One thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is that you cannot do it all; I’m very lucky, I’ve got a great team of young ladies who help keep me on the straight and narrow – I LOVE my girls!


Writing letters, using pretty paper and helping others get their letter writing game together has made me somewhat of a letter writing expert. I have been invited to speak on etiquette, entrepreneurship and branding by national organizations and universities. Need to write a thank you note, but not sure where to start? Fret no more, improve your thank you note writing skills with my super fabulous and super easy thank you note template – just click right here!


Thanks so much for joining the cool – stay tuned for more helpful letter-writing tips, life behind the scenes and lots lots more.  I believe in living a stylish and well-designed life, I hope you do too!


Stylishly yours,