Hey Sis, How You Feeling This Week?

January 13, 2021

Hey Sis, How You Feeling This Week?

I don't know about you, but this was not quite the start to the new year I was anticipating .... After what we all witnessed on January 6th at the US Capitol Building, I was consumed with anger, frustration and hopelessness. I shut down, literally and figuratively. Some days this *ish can take you there. But in the end, we each have a choice. We can choose to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. My choice? The latter. I'm choosing joy.⁣

This brand and our products are about joy, magic, friendship and community. My goal is for you to be in better spirits after interacting with us by reading our newsletters, following us on social media or meeting us in person.  One of the lessons learned in 2020 is that happiness and sadness can co-exist; it's really about which state you decide to dwell in.⁣

I want to make sure you all know this is a judgement free zone. So if there are days where: ⁣

▪️You stay in bed ⁣⁣
▪️You have had on the same pair of PJ's for the past 48 hours ⁣⁣
▪️You haven't felt like washing your hair or your body⁣⁣
▪️you watched tv 24/7
▪️you burst into tears the 5th time you heard a bone chilling stat about the pandemic, and/or⁣
▪️you put an adult beverage in your coffee mug ...⁣⁣

You are not alone!  Girl, this is some ish . . . handle it the best way you can, hug those who are near, love on those who are afar, pray for those who are sick and for those on the frontlines and for our government and remember to count your blessings. And then, pick yourself up and step into your JOY.⁣

Stylishly yours,