How To Write A Thank You Note :: Letter Writing Tips

September 29, 2015


3 Quick Tips On How to Write A Thank You Note

We all check our mailboxes daily, not because we’re eager to find bills and junk mail, but because we hope that there will be a nice envelope with our name carefully handwritten on it. Who doesn’t love receiving a handwritten letter in the mail? It’s a wonderful feeling to know that someone took time out of their busy day to sit down and pen a note of thanks on pretty paper to you! Thank you notes are deceptively simple, yet amazingly powerful.


Everyone intends to write a thank you note, but we fall into three camps when it comes to realizing that intention – some default to sending an email or text message, some never get further than the intention and some of us do as planned and put pen to paper! The hardest part about writing a thank you note is making the time to sit down and do it.


I have three quick tips for you on how to write a thank you note.  The two most important things about writing proper thank you notes are: (1) writing it; and (2) getting it in the mail! The rest is all in the details.

My Top Three Tips on How to Write A Thank You Note

Here are my top three tips to help you master the art of the thank you note:


  • Stylish Stationery. Stylish stationery is a must-have – it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive [(and of course I’d love it if you have a stash of effie’s paper for just such an occasion)] – but your stationery should be nice enough for your recipient to remember it. Keep stationery, stamps and an up-to-date address book on-hand; having theses essential tools is the first step towards success.


  • Time. Set aside time in your day – schedule it on your calendar or make letter writing an item on your “TO DO” list; 10 minutes is all you need to write a thoughtful and thorough message. Keep your notes simple and sweet, write from the heart and the words will come. If they don’t, give yourself a moment and think about what you would tell the person if you were sitting across the table from them at dinner and then let your pen flow!


  • People Remember NOT Receiving A Thank You Note. Kate Spade says you should send them within 3 days. If you can make that happen, by all means please do. But, given that we all lead busy lives, if you can get that puppy in the mail within a couple of weeks of the event/receiving the gift/etc. you’re good to go. Honestly, if you wait any longer, you may forget altogether. BUT, however “late” your thank you note may be SEND IT. Yes, you heard me, SEND IT. No one remembers how “late” a thank you note was, but people do remember not receiving a thank you note.


I hope this how to write a thank you note post is useful.  For more great thank you card tips, download our FREE Thank You Note template – I guarantee you’ll never worry about writing a thank you note again with this fool-proof guide.  Click here.