How You Doing?

May 06, 2020

How You Doing?

I'm going to be perfectly honest with you, I've had a few days over the past 7 weeks where I've done a bit of day drinking. Hey, what can I say? Some days are easier than others.  Last week, I had one of those days ... BUT, the sun was shining and the temps were moderate so I decided to sit outside and soak up a few rays. A friend called in the midst of my reverie and when I told her I was #daydrinking, my lovely husband said, you're not day drinking, you're just living life. And you know what, he was right.⁣

In case you hadn't noticed, this is a judgement free zone ... Please know imma like you and we're gonna be friends even:

▪️if you stayed in bed all day, ⁣
▪️if you have had on the same pair of PJ's for the past couple of days, ⁣
▪️if you haven't felt like washing your hair or your body, ⁣
▪️if you watched tv all day, ⁣
▪️if you burst into tears the 5th time your child asked you for a snack⁣,
▪️if you put an adult beverage in your coffee mug ...⁣

Girl, this is some ish . . . handle it the best way you can, hug those who are near, love on those who are afar, pray for those who are sick and for those on the frontlines and remember to count your blessings.
Stylishly yours,
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