I Appreciate You! ūüėä

July 21, 2021

I Appreciate You! ūüėä

This is Diana, one of our fabulous¬†customers, who made it her business to come see us pop up at H&M in NYC a few weeks ago.¬† She had her two sons in-tow, who let's be honest, had no interest in being there ... but¬†they were super polite and sweet.¬† It's so fun to meet you lovelies in person ‚Äď I can't tell you how much joy it brings me!¬† The event was GREAT¬†(if you want to see some behind the scenes of the day, just click¬†here), but meeting Diana was the cherry on top!

I do what I do, I create the products I create and work to empower women as an homage to my younger self and anyone who didn't see herself reflected in popular culture growing up.  It really is true, when you buy from a small business, when you refer us to your family and friends and they buy from us, real people do a happy dance.  My team and I are those real people doing happy dances.  THANK YOU for all of the love and support. I appreciate you.  And a special thanks to Diana (how cute does she look in her EP headband btw ya'll?!?!?)

Stylishly yours,

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