I'd Love For You To Join Me

May 12, 2021

I'd Love For You To Join Me

If you're thinking about starting a side hustle or if you already have one, I'd love for you to join me in The Commerce Collab.  There's so much I didn't know to even think about when I started Effie's Paper ... and to be honest, the things I did know about, I didn't even know where to begin.  I've learned the hard way though - with my good friends trial and error!  If there had been some kind of playbook for beginners I would have jumped on it.  Which is why I'm excited to be a part of The Commerce Collab where I'll be talking about starting an e-commerce business.  The Commerce Collab is a FREE audio master class series bringing together 11 e-commerce experts, each of us sharing 1 do-able tip you can put to work in your business or towards your idea.


Here’s a look at how these strategists will help you...

  • Peek inside the brain of your customer to know what she really wants and needs (pro tip: what she watches on Netflix isn’t what really matters)
  • Send the 3 e-commerce emails that you set and forget, that sell for you on autopilot.
  • Confidently make daily changes in your Shopify store that make your customer’s life easier...and yours, too.
  • Sell to customers with ease, using timeless, classic human connection techniques (no weird TikTok dancing videos required!)
  • Make SEO oh-so-doable with this easy piece of content that every e-comm business needs on their website.
  • Honor your energy and create a business that truly flows based on your unique human design.

Grab your seat in The Commerce Collab by clicking here and you’ll have immediate access to the series. Think of it as a virtual coffee date with the leading voices in e-comm marketing, copy and strategy strategy.


Can’t wait to hear which coffee talk resonates most with you.

Stylishly yours,

P.S. Skipped down here? (I respect that. Sometimes the PS is all I’ve got bandwith for, too)

The Commerce Collab could have a significant impact on your biz...

>> Free access to 11 interviews with proven strategies for emails, websites, and social media that convert.

>> Exclusive Facebook Group to continue the conversation and connect with 800+ other online shop owners (no riff raff or spammy promos in this group!).

Get in on all of this HERE.