Just Arrived in The Shop :: Olivia Pope & Cookie Lyons Coffee Mugs

September 22, 2015

effiespaper-coffee-mug-instagramWhat if Olivia Pope and Cookie Lyons were best friends?  You don’t think it’s possible? They’re both strong, smart and savvy with a survival instinct to match that of any high powered executive.  We’ve imagined that they’re the best of friends, kind of like Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl …. And since we love them so much, almost as much as we love coffee, we’ve created coffee mugs to celebrate their new television seasons kicking off this week!


Who doesn’t want to be a Gladiator in a Suit?  Just like her associates, we’d follow Liv to the end of the earth and back again. Wouldn’t you?  You tune in every Thursday night just like we do!  Who doesn’t want to be a part of #TEAMCOOKIE? Her cunning ploys and and wiley wits keep us tuning in week after week.  This is appointment tv at it’s finest!


All of this to say, we LOVE both Olivia Pope and Cookie Lyons and depending on the situation, we often find ourselves asking “What Would Cookie Do?” Or, as the case might be, “What Would Olivia Pope do?”  If you don’t ask yourself these questions maybe you should!


Olivia Pope, the Fixer, handles it!  When in a jam, ask yourself “What would Olivia Pope do?”. This is the perfect coffee mug for anyone who believes that wine and pop corn constitute a balanced meal. As the Fixer said herself, “If you want me, earn me!”  Don’t you think you’ve definitely earned this Olivia Pope travel mug? Click here to check it out.


Or, if you have a moment of indecision, just ask yourself  “What would Cookie do?”. This is the perfect travel mug for anyone who believes that 5 inch heels and a cocktail dress are ideal office attire (we are not mad at you!!). As Cookie said, “Yeah, that’s my name. Take a bite.” Don’t you want to take a bite out of life with this fabulous travel mug?  You can find it here.