Let's Set Some Intentions!

January 09, 2021

Let's Set Some Intentions!

What do you do to set your intentions for the new year? Are you a resolutions kind of gal? Do you map out your intentions? Or, do you just kind of think about what you want for the upcoming year and hope things will fall into place? No judgement ... just curious.

I'm a big believer in writing things down. When you write something down, it forces you to reflect on how to express it. Putting your intentions or goals in writing gives you the ability to explore what you really mean. 

This year, I plan to write INTENTION STATEMENTS (hey, January's not over yet!). I've been doing a little research on effective intention statements and thought I'd share what I've learned:

1️⃣ Affirm only what you want.
2️⃣ Write as if it is happening now.
3️⃣ Focus on the feeling.
4️⃣ Exclude the words "try" and "but".
5️⃣ Begin with gratitude.
6️⃣ Make it believable.
7️⃣ Eliminate any negativity.

Have you written down your goals, intentions, resolutions, determinations or whatever you're calling them for 2021 yet? And you know you should be writing those intentions down in our Currently Overthinking notebook, right girlfriend?

Stylishly yours,