Letter Writing Tips :: What to Write to Your Summer Camper

August 05, 2015

effiespaper-what to write to your kid

I truly believe that the hardest part about writing a letter is making the time to sit down and do it. Once you sit down and have something pretty to write on (let’s face it, it’s always more enjoyable to pen notes on pretty paper!) the words generally flow. If they don’t, give yourself a moment and think about what you would tell the person if you were sitting across the table from them at dinner and then let your pen flow!


My niece just graduated from high school and is going through a grueling six weeks of boot camp at the Naval Academy, a.k.a. Plebe Summer. She’s in great shape and worked out daily the month in between high school graduation and the beginning of her life as a Midshipman. But, like any college freshman, the unknown (and this unknown was certainly ramped up) is scary. I took her out to lunch a few days before she left and as we parted ways, she turned and implored me to write her while she was gone.


Being the prolific letter writer that I am, I promised her I would write and I have been. What to say? Words of encouragement of course! But as I thought about it, I realized – like anyone who’s away from home (whether for the first time or not) and a bit isolated (think about your kiddo who’s away at Summer Camp) – she’d want to hear about what was going on at home. Not the mundane stuff, but the interesting stuff. You know, juicy gossip on the telly or something interesting that you came across that you think they’d enjoy knowing about. Did you read an article that you know your friend/child/niece would find interesting? Did you bump into one of their friends? An old family friend?  This is the kind of news they’re craving.  So take a minute, if your child/friend/nephew were sitting across from you at the dinner table, what bits of your day would you share with them?  Write them down. This letter can be as long, or short, as you like. The point is, your child/friend/nephew, will love hearing from you and having a piece of home to carry with them.  Everyone loves to receive a handwritten letter in the mail!  You may not receive one from them, but know that they are eagerly awaiting your next missive.


Stylishly yours,