Look Mom, I’m Featured On A Podcast!

June 09, 2017

Behind the Scenes :: Running An Online Business

Lean the F*ck Out is a podcast for women who are interested in creating a new way of living and working. Hosted by Gretchen DeVault and Tera Wozniak Qualls, Lean the F* Out is about women that are:
seasoned entrepreneurs who are not interested in letting mom guilt or a male dominated landscape stand in our way. We’re creating our own ceilings, starting our own businesses, hustling to support our families, and building the life WE want.
I had the privilege of chatting with Gretchen earlier this week about life behind the scenes at effie’s paper. To check it out, just click here to learn about my segue from practicing environmental law to running a successful online business. Or if you prefer, go to iTunes and download it here. I tried to share a few nuggets of wisdom, especially some tips on things I wished I knew before starting effie’s paper.
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