Meet Our Summer Interns

July 07, 2017

Meet Our Summer Interns

We’re so excited to have two new ladies join Team EP! These ladies are organized, ambitious, and not to mention young and hip – they keep me on my toes, and they have great taste in music! Get to know Denise and Ayesha by reading out little interview with each of them below.



1 // Where did you graduate from or where do you go to school?

D: Graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey.

A: I currently attend SUNY Plattsburgh entering my junior year.


2 // Where did you grow up or where are you from?

D: Grew up in Brooklyn, Now living in NJ

A: I am from Brooklyn, NY.



3 // What was your initial interest in Effie’s Paper?

D: My initial interest was the lovely stationary and desk accessories.

A: When I first started I didn’t know much about Effie’s Paper, but I gained interest in the different components that make up a small business by working under Kalyn on a daily basis. It’s fascinating to see how each component comes together to keep Effie’s Paper running.


4 // What are you going to be doing for Effie’s Paper?

D: I will be working on the ep creative design studio Instagram, assisting with the Effie’s paper Instagram and Twitter and helping with blog posts.

A: At Effie’s Paper I will be packaging product, shipping orders out to customers, scheduling/posting on the Black Girl Magic Box Instagram feed, and trying to help out anywhere I can.



5 // What are you most excited about for this internship?

D: I am most excited to watch the company grow within the next few months and being a part of the girl gang.

A: I’m most excited about taking on new/different tasks that can improve my present skills and that will challenge me more.


6 // Smartphone app you’re currently obsessed with?

D: I’m currently obsessed with the Podcast app!

A: Google Maps because I’m bad with direction and it saves my life on a daily basis.


7 // Morning coffee drink?

D: Cold brew is my go to.

A: Definitely, Caramel Frappe.



8 // What was the last book you read?

D: I’m about to start The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

A: Persuasion by Jane Austen


9 // What is your favorite social media channel and why?

D: I love Snapchat. It allows me to keep up with friends in real time as well as check out events around the world.

A: My favorite social media channel has to be Facebook because I encounter different videos that are shared by my Facebook friends which always keep me entertained, or informed. I mainly enjoy DIY and cooking videos though. The best part about Facebook is their ‘save’ option feature that allows me to save all the videos that I love so I could go back and watch them later.


10 // What’s your favorite thing about Summer?

D: I love the warm weather and swimming

A: Having a break from college and hanging out with my family.

There you have it! A little peek into the lives and roles of our Summer interns!