NEW:: Stationery Subscription Box Coming!!

August 26, 2020

NEW:: Stationery Subscription Box Coming!!

I am of the belief that you spread a little sunshine every time you send a handwritten letter in the mail. I've been an avid letter writer since I was a little girl thanks to my grandmother and company namesake, Mrs. Effie Hayes. My gran believed that a lady should have the perfect shade of red lipstick, write a wicked thank you note and always carry a hanky in her pocketbook. (And yes, I've followed this advice all my life and it's served me well!)

If you're new around here, you may not know it, but Effie's Paper started out as a personalized stationery company. But as text messaging and email began to supplant the art of letter writing, to stay relevant we introduced the WHATNOTS you see today and phased out personalized correspondence. ⁣

Interestingly, a silver lining of the pandemic is that letter writing is on the uptick! Nowadays, many of us are rushing to our mailboxes in anticipation of #happymail (and because it gets us out of the house!). Because seriously, we certainly aren't checking for bills, right? Ya'll have been ordering our stationery sets in record numbers and I couldn't be happier about it! So, I'm delighted to announce that our inaugural STATIONERY SUBSCRIPTION BOX is launching next month!!!! 🎉🎁🎉 There will be a limited number of boxes available each month for our stationery lovers. Right up your alley? FANTASTIC.  Just click here to be one of the first to get dibs on our September Stationery Subscription Box.😘 Stay tuned for more deets! 

And as always, thank you for your love, support, social shares and ORDERS!

Stylishly yours,