No Envelopes Needed…

February 27, 2014


My love affair with stationery began during my tween years and is stronger than ever today. I confess, I’m a teenager at heart. My favorite stationery was Fold & Seal, no envelope needed, the privacy of a letter with all the convenience of a postcard.

Our Fold & Seal Stationery is perfect for luring your tween away from his or her gadgets; writing more than 140 characters will improve their self-expression skills and who knows, maybe their PSAT scores too.  Studies show that developmental and cognitive growth can be stunted if kids aren’t regularly putting pen to paper.  Why not encourage your favorite tween to exercise his or her brainpower with our Fold & Seal Stationery?

Click here to see our tween-approved hip designs, just $14 for a set of 10.  

Stylishly yours,