Pink As F*ck :: Pietro Nolita

July 19, 2017

Pink As F*ck :: Pietro Nolita

So, I finally made it to Pietro NoLita!  And yes, not only was it “Pink As F@ck” but the food was really really good.  The whole place was a pretty pink palace perfect for bloggers and pretty Instagram pictures.

The decor was pretty simple, pink and cozy.  I especially loved the black and white tables.  Definitely a fun lunch spot for a girls luncheon or brunch or even an intimate bridal shower for a gal who is smitten with the color pink.

But all of the pink prettiness aside, the food was actually very good.  As you can see from the photo above, the lunch menu has a bit of variety on it.  We started off with cocktails and they did not disappoint.  It was a hot Summer day and all of the cocktails were light and refreshing (hey, it was five o’clock somewhere!).  For lunch I had the lamb burger and my friend had the Spaghetto Al Pesto – both were very well prepared.  Pietro Nolita is small, maybe there were 10 tables ….. but the size of the space in no way affected the quality of the food.

And their motto?  You know I love it!!  So, if you go be sure to wear an Insta-worthy outfit so that you can take a few shots at the heart door.  I mean really, you gotta be ready to make the most of these opportunities when they present themselves, right girlfriend?

Turban//Bag//Dress (similar)