PODCAST :: The Intern

June 05, 2016

effie's paper-the intern-podcast

The Intern is a self-produced podcast by Allison Behringer.  It tells story of a young woman navigating New York City and a new career at a tech startup as a, what?  You guessed it an intern.  As you all know, I’ve hired a lot of interns – some great, some ok, and many who don’t last a week – so I was a little skeptical of this podcast when I first stumbled upon it while perusing iTunes.  But, I liked the graphic (I know, I’m a little bit shallow) so I listened to the preview and I was hooked.  Allison is a natural story teller and that combined with her daily conundrums as a young woman trying to make her way in NYC made me want to listen.  Sure, part of it was that the podcast gives me a window into the life of my interns, but I was also really impressed with Allison.  She’s taught in Thailand, taught in the Bronx and started a nonprofit in India.  So, not your typical intern.  If you’ve ever been an intern or hired one you’ll enjoy this podcast.