Spring in the City

May 15, 2017


Eataly Fish Auction

We’ve been traveling so much this Spring that it almost feels like the Centurion Lounge at LaGuardia has become a home away from home. I was so excited to spend a weekend in the city that I almost didn’t know how to act! The thing that’s great about living in New York City is that there’s always something interesting going on. What’s tough is that you don’t always have time to partake in all of the cool stuff happening under your nose, but when you do it’s so awesome to live someplace where there’s so many interesting things to do. So imagine my surprise when my husband came home one evening after picking up groceries at Eataly Downtown with a flyer about a fish auction taking place the next day in the fishmonger’s section. I know, right? Only in New York … The fish, fresh off the boat, was from Samuel & Sons. Yes, it was literally an auction. The participants had paddles to bid with and a list of the fish to be auctioned along with the retail prices. And then the fun began! There were home chefs like my husband, families and some of the city’s hot new chefs all there vying to get their hands on the freshest fish possible.

Look Number 1:

One of the things I love about big cities – New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Berlin – is the walkability of them. Spending time walking around and getting lost is one my favorite things to do on a city vacation, it’s the best way to learn the city or a neighborhood. You can find all kinds gems from hidden shops, restaurants to secluded parks in a way that you can’t find when in a cab or car.

Jacket // Jeans // Shoes // Sweater // Purse

Look Number 2:

My mornings don’t really get started until I’ve had a latte. I used to drink coffee with milk and sugar, but somewhere along the way I got hipped to the virtues of the latte. There’s something about the foamy steamed milk combined with a shot or two of espresso that just makes me happy. So, what exactly is a latte? A latte is like a cappuccino but milkier! Other people buy lottery tickets daily, some bottled water or cigarettes. My guilty pleasure? A 16 oz latte.