Teenage Dream! :: Stationery for Tweens & Teens

November 12, 2012

My love affair with stationery began during my tween years and is stronger than ever today. I confess, I’m a teenager at heart.  I  Katy Perry, Hello Kitty and anything with a little bit of bling.

Back then having the perfect personalized stationery to write a letter to my dearest friend in St. Louis or a thank you note to my aunt in Maryland always made me smile. Our Teenage Dream Collection will make your tween or teen smile and has been known to lure even the most tech-savvy teen away from her gadgets to send a heartfelt hand-written note. Oh, and be sure to check out our cool stickers (what teen doesn’t love stickers?!?!?!).

Go on, click here to check out our Teenage Dream collection!  And don’t worry, we wont tell if you decide to order a set for yourself along with a set for your favorite tween – we’re all young at heart!

Stylishly Yours,