Thank You Note Template

December 27, 2017

Express your thanks and top off the holiday season with a little gratitude!

The holidays are over, you’ve opened your gifts, and you’re thankful for each one. Spread a little sunshine and give back by gifting gratitude to each person you received a gift or service from over the holidays! Stuck in a rut? Let us help you out:
First things first, to write the perfect thank you note you need the right materials. Stylish stationery is a must-have – it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive (and of course I’d love it if you have a stash of effie’s paper for just such an occasion) – but your stationery should be nice enough for your recipient to remember it.
When sending your thank you notes, don’t delay! Kate Spade says you should send them within 3 days. Well, chica if you can make that happen, by all means please do. But, given that we all lead busy lives, I think if you can get that puppy in the mail within a couple of weeks of the event/receiving the gift/etc. you are good to go. Honestly, if you wait any longer, you may forget altogether. BUT, however “late” your thank you note may be SEND IT. Yes, you heard me, SEND IT. No one remembers how “late” a thank you note was, but people do remember not receiving a thank you note.
Here’s my fool-proof template to pen the perfect thank you note for just about any occasion.
SALUTATION: “Hello”, “Dear,” “Greetings,” “How are you?,” “Hi,” “Good Morning,” or however you please and jump right in.
FIRST PARAGRAPH:  Thank them specifically for the gift and tell them why you are grateful/why you love the gift
SECOND PARAGRAPH/SECOND SENTENCE:  Your second paragraph, or in some cases your second sentence, should mention your relationship with the recipient and if appropriate make mention of when you will see them again.
CLOSING:  When ending your thank you note, thank the recipient again and use a proper valediction or farewell.
VALEDICTION: Don’t forget to use a proper send off like “thanks again,” “love,” “fondly,” “yours truly,” “warmest regards,” “all my best,” “respectfully,” “many thanks,” “love,” “sincerely,” or “see you soon”.
An last but not least my dear, the easiest part: put your thank you note in an envelope, include your return address if not using a pre-printed envelope, put a stamp on it, seal it and drop it in the mail!
Dear XXX:
Thank you for the unique coasters. It was so thoughtful of you to think of us while you were traveling in India! Everytime we use them we’ll think of you two. Thank you for sharing in our special day with us, your classic moves on the dance floor at our wedding put us all to shame! Looking forward to seeing you both in January. Your thoughtfulness is truly appreciated.
Yours truly,