The APP That Changed My Life

April 20, 2016


I’m going to let you in on a little secret, sometimes I’m a little disorganized.  Ok, well lately it’s been a little more frequently than sometimes.  Gimme a break – I’m juggling a million different things just like you are.  I used to believe that if my closet and desk were clear of clutter I’d be able to think straight.  Well, I guess I’ve been thinking crooked because my desk vacilates between pristine and hot mess.  And my closet? I’m ashamed to admit it (they say acceptance is part of the healing process, right?), but up until a week ago it was a SUPER HOT MESS.  Yes, former stylist/closet organizer me. SUPER HOT MESS.  The reasons are too long and varied to regale you with in this short note.  BUT, the operative words two sentences ago are “was a”.  What changed?  I used an app I bought over a year ago.  I know, I just couldn’t find the time to carve out to focus (remember I was thinking a bit crookedly – is that even a word?).
Desperate times call for desperate measures!  I am attending a number of events over the course of the next eight weeks and I needed to get ahead of the eight-ball.  You know, actually think about what I am going to wear so that I can back to running effie’s paper and not be late to every event because I couldn’t find the dress I thought I was going to wear or I’d find it and realize it didn’t fit/was wrinkled/was in storage.
So, when l got home after one of these events last Tuesday evening, my husband was working late and I found the app on my phone (I couldn’t even remember the name of it) –STYLEBOOK. It was worth the $4.  GAME CHANGER. You take pictures of your clothes (see, this is why it took me so long to get started – seriously? who has time for this?!?!) and you catalog them by category! You can create outfits/looks and you can schedule them.  It might take me a minute, but when I nerd out, I nerd out!