The Best Mani/Pedi in New York City

August 17, 2016

JIN SOON Hand & Foot Spa

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I’m lucky because I live in New York, but even luckier because I live in what I consider to be one of the best neighborhoods in New York – TriBeCa!  TriBeCa stands for The Triangle Below Canal Street.  For non-New Yorkers that means I’m a downtown girl.  I live a few blocks below SoHo and Chinatown and a few blocks north of the Financial District.

I think New York City is home to the mani-pedi.  Literally, there’s a nail salon on every corner.  Ok, well maybe not every corner, but at least every other corner!  I learned how much I take access to easy grooming when I was traveling in Europe last month.  Finding some place to get a quick mani/pedi was like finding needle in a haystack!  But, I digress.

If you’ve ever been to New York City you know what I’m talking about.  But, how to know which one to go to can be somewhat tricky.  All New York gals have a favorite mani-pedi place in our neighborhood or by our respective offices.  And some of those places are really great – clean, pleasant and skilled technicians with a a plethora of the latest nail polish brands and colors.  And hey, it’s a competitive market – you can typically get a mani-pedi for about $40.  But, if you’re thinking about splurging just a little bit, I highly recommend Jin Soon.

Jin Soon has been a staple in Manhattan since 1999 when the first of it’s three nail salons opened in the East Village. Owned by Jin Soon Choi, the salons are inspired by Jin Soon’s Korean heritage and emphasize natural woods, airy lighting and serene interior accents. With three luxury locations in Manhattan – all designed by her architect husband John Coughlan – these mini-retreats have become favorite destinations for those seeking a high level of nail artistry and pampering.

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What Makes Jin Soon So Special?

Well, first of all its just a lovely space to spend an hour or so in.  When you walk in your immediately greeted by a pleasant receptionist who offers you your choice of procsecco, wine, soda, tea or a latte.  Not a bad start, right? Now, like many of you I’ve had a million mani-pedis over the course of my life time from high end to low … But, this was the first time in recent memory where I was totally relaxed and felt completely at ease in terms of not feeling the need to direct the experience. My technician asked me a few questions to determine how I liked the shape of my nails, she wanted to know if I wanted my cuticles cut and asked if the water was too hot and then she went to town.  My hands and feet were well-cared for, my technician was gentle and the overall experience was just lovely.  She knew what she was doing and I was free to ready my book and relax – I didn’t have to keep looking down to orchestrate the process (you know sometimes you have to do that …).  I tried Jin Soon’s  eponymous polish – Coquette – the perfect red.  I love it. Maybe I was channeling my inner Sarah Jessica Parker, one of her first clients at the East Village spa, but I loved it and will definitely be back for more pampering.

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