The Glam App

September 22, 2016

The Glam App

My friend Cass who knows all things fabulous and New York told me about the Glam App months ago.  She even gave me a referral code that I tucked away for ready reference (i.e., in the recess of my mind and long forgotten).  Then my husband sprang a black tie on me.

Luckily, I had something to wear.  I definitely believe in buying things when I find them, rather than having an event I need an outfit for and scrambling to find the perfect dress.  It’s so much easier to shop in my closet!

Dress. .  Shoes. .  My issue was hair and make up.  The event was on a Wednesday night and Wednesday is my 2-a-day workout: cardio boxing and yoga. Which meant I wasn’t going to have time to workout, work and go get my hair done.  So, I decided it was what it was with my hair. I was going through a big hair don’t care phase anyway.  Makeup?  And then I remembered Cass telling me about The Glam App.

I dug out the referral code she’d sent me and I downloaded the app.  So simple to use!  And in 5 minutes I was set – my make up artist would arrive at my house an hour before I needed to leave.  Perfect timing, right?  This way, I would be forced to be showered and ready by 5:30 and out the door by 6:45 at the latest!

The Glam App is “beauty on demand. With the push of a button, The Glam App delivers beauty experts to your front door. Offering services that range from a blow dry, to make up applications, or just a simple polish change there’s no need to leave your house, when we bring the salon to you.
The app also acts as a virtual agency, allowing stylists to act as freelance artists; making their own
hours, building clientele, and managing their schedules and appointments.”


R, my make up artist, arrived right on time. She washed her hands, set up her make up and got to work. Now I’m allergic to just about everything, so I supplied her with a lot of my own products, but you don’t have too – they bring their own make up and brushes.

I believe in treating oneself every now and again. There’s nothing wrong with a little pampering … And it was such a nice way to ease into the evening. Typically, I was it until the last minute to get ready and am scurrying around my apartment, throwing make up on and leaving a trail of destruction behind me.

Cass was right, totally worth the $75!