Tuesday Shoesday :: 9.12.17

September 12, 2017

Tuesday Shoesday :: 9.12.17

I have this thing with shoes…


I’m taking advantage of the last couple of days of Summer and I’m soaking up the last bit of ‘open toed shoe’ season! It’s been a beautiful start to September, but now we are fast approaching Autumn. As sad as I am to pack these wedges away, I’m excited to get my Fall and Winters shoes out of storage.  Yes, storage . . . Remember, I live in New York where space is a premium (especially closet space!).

I’m all about a great wedge and Kate Spade makes some of the best Summer wedges . . . and it’s no secret that I love metallics.  So, when I saw these, I knew they’d be the perfect complement to my wardrobe.

Not only do I have this thing with shoes, but #IHaveThisThingWithFloors and #IHaveThisThingWithTiles too…these shoes go with pretty much any floor or beautiful mosaic…it’s no wonder they caught me eye!