Weekend Lookbook :: Low Key & Under The Radar

May 22, 2016

Weekend Lookbook ::  Low Key & Under The Radar

Look No. 1 – Eclipsed

effie's paper-eclipsed-broadway-lupita-nyongo

WOW.  I’m still processing this play.  So powerful. So moving. So distressing. Let me just start by saying that Lupita Nyong’o was phenomenal!  But, so were the other 4 actresses – I was blown away by the sheer force of their collective talent.  We were planning to see Eclipsed and then a good friend from law school called to say she was going to be in town and wanted to know if we’d be interested in seeing Eclipsed with her.  YES.  She’s a total Type-A lawyer, so the non-New Yorker took over and got us second row center seats.  We could see the pores in their skin and the whites of their eyes.  That said, I gotta tell you that I am in awe of Lupita Nyong’o.  She’s so young and in such a short period of time, she’s taken the acting world by storm – Hollywood and Broadway.  Not only has she blown me away with her craft, but her incredible humanity.  Eclipsed tells the story of 5 women whose lives are turned upside down by civil war and unrest in Liberia.  It tells the story of countless women and girls who’ve been torn from their families, who’ve been sexually abused and raped as if they were chattle, but who, despite the obstacles, find a way to survive.  Lupita (I’d like to think we’d be friends if we met) is the producer of Eclipsed.  Do you know what that means? It means she put her money where her mouth is – she’s financially backing this show single-handedly (1) to tell the story of what is going on in parts of Africa and give voice to those who are not able to tell their own story and (2) to give stellar African actresses an opportunity to star in a hit play on Broadway.  Oh, and did I mention, the play has received 6 Tony nominations? Right, this chick is not messing around!  Don’t walk, run to see Eclipsed.

DETAILS: Eclipsed on Broadway

Look No. 2 – World Wide Whiskey Day

effie's paper-whiskey quote

What? What’s that you say?  You didn’t know that the third Saturday in May is World Wide Whiskey Day?!?!? It’s a global celebration of the “water of life” as some have been known to call it.  It’s no secret that I am a member of the card carrying whiskey set.  I’m a bourbon girl through and through.  My whiskey of choice is Maker’s Mark.  I love the sweet carmel finish.  But getting back to World Wide Whiskey Day – it’s a internationally recognized holiday by the Scottish Parliament (which probably means they’re focused on scotch, but no matter).  Events take place all over the world and believe it or not, the day publicly supports the charitable organization Just A Drop, an international water aid charity.  Did we have fun?  Absolutely!  Right here in the comfort of our own home concocting new cocktails, listening to music and just acting silly.  It’s all about drinking responsibly.

DETAILS: World Wide Whiskey Day//Just A Drop//Maker’s Mark

Look No. 3 – Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones-effiespaper

I admit it.  Hand held up high, I AM A NERD. A BLERD.  Whatever you want to call it.  In the Spring of 2011 when I started seeing the ads for a new HBO Series called Game of Thrones I was intrigued.  I did a little googling and leanred that the series was based on a set of books written by D.B. Weiss.  So, what does a nerd do?  I bought the first book and got completely caught up in the Seven Kingdoms.  The books are dense and filled with so much minutia that sometimes it makes your eyes want to roll to the back of your head.  BUT, the story D.B. Weiss was weaving was my kind of fabric.  I was determined to finish the first book, A Song of Fire and Ice, before the HBO series began.  Why?  Because I’m a nerd.  I told you that!  Then the HBO series began and my husband, also a nerd, started watching it with me.  He was hooked.  So much so that he started reading the books (yes, we each have our own copies) and surpassed me!

So, as you might have guessed GOT is “must-see” tv in our household.  Sunday nights are sacred – dinner must be cooked and or eaten before Game.  Phones are turned off and all eyes are on the screen as the story unfolds each week during GOT season.  We debate whether certain scenes happened in the book or not.  We whisper what we remember of the back story as we’re watching.  And sadly, on more than one occasion, we’ve been know to re-watch an episode immediately after it’s aired to make sure we caught everything.  This weekend, I was behind.  I didn’t watch GOT last week when I was in Indy visiting my family.  I was a little panicked that someone was going to spill the beans or I’d see a spoiler on line, but thankfully I didn’t.  I got caught up and then we sat down and got pulled right back into being pawns in the Game of Thrones.

DETAILS: Game Of Thrones

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