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April 05, 2016

It’s A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhoodkalyn johnson chandler-effiespaper

Everyone thinks of New York City as bright lights and big city and yes that’s definitely a part of New York, but I wanted to share a bit of my New York with you.  I live and work in a part of Manhattan called TriBeCa – the Triangle Below Canal Street. I love my hood – it’s vibrant and very neighborhood-y, filled with beautiful buildings, great people, restaurants and stores.

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First stop? Coffee.  Just about every morning I come to Grand Daisy for a latte.  Every now and again I change it up, but there’s something nice about going some place where everyone knows your name, right?  Isn’t that what they said on Cheers?


Shops & Restaurants

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One of the things that I love about living downtown is that we’ve got some of the coolest shops and restaurants. Everyone’s been to JCrew, but how many people have been to their speciality men’s shop called The Liquor Store? Axes in Manhattan? Yup!  Believe it or not, Best Made sells the hippest camping gear you’ve ever seen?  Why? I don’t know, but my husband loves it – I suspect it appeals to the huntsman in all men.  And then there’s Calypso, my fave go to for the perfect outfit for a  long weekend in the country or a week in St. Barth’s.

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And, It’s Soooo Pretty!

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There are all kinds of little parks and outdoor seating spaces.  And there’s even a view when you look up – lots of apartments have outdoor space.  Yes, in Manhattan – juliet balconies abound and then there are the lucky few with roof top gardens and terrances.Most of the apartments in Tribeca are lofts – some of the building have been converted from old warehouses, spice factories, cattle holding pens, you name it and others are new construction. Tribeca is known for it’s open airy loft-like apartments, large windows and interior brick walls.


Oh and then of course there are the Citibikes ….. They’re all over and I’m told they make getting around the ‘hood and the city super easy.  I’m cracking up because the idea of me riding a bike around the city is laughable.  I’ve done it a few times with my husband, but I finally had to break it to him that bike riding is not my cup of tea.

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So, there you have it – a glimpse into my neighborhood.  Thanks for joining me! xo