Woman Crush Wednesday :: Liz Martin//Charleston Weekender

August 09, 2017

My #WCW is Liz Martin of Charleston Weekender.  Why?  Because Liz has more moxy than just about anyone I’ve ever met!  Liz reached out to me last Fall via the world wide web, pitched me a crazy idea about doing a photo shoot for Draper James (yes, that Draper James – the one based in Nashville and owned by Reese Witherspoon) and followed through with gusto.

The short version of the story is that I was going to be in Charleston for the Black Southern Belle Conference and Liz saw my name on the speakers list. Liz had worked her magic with the lovely ladies at Draper James, but needed to include one more blogger. We were Insta-friends and when she saw my name on the speakers list, she reached out to me via email. Her email was hilarious and it started off with something like, this may sound crazy, but . . . It did sound a little crazy, but there was just something about her approach that appealed to me. So, on a wing and a prayer, I said YES.

I met some great ladies and we had an amazing photographer – Jennifer Collins.  And yes, Liz worked her jelly and wrote a great blog post that ended up on the official Draper James blog, click here to read all about it..

It’s nice to have friends who are makin’ things happen. Liz is doing it up ya’ll!  You can follow Liz on Instagram @charlestonweekender and follower her store @cannonboroughcollective too!