Write the PERFECT Thank You Note + FREE Template

December 26, 2020

Write the PERFECT Thank You Note + FREE Template

The gifts have been opened and now it's time for THANK YOU NOTES!!  Why not take a few minutes this year to write thank you notes?  Spread a little sunshine and give back by gifting gratitude to each person you received a gift or service from over the holidays! Stuck in a rut? Let us help you out.

First things first, to write the perfect thank you note you need the right materials. Stylish stationery is a must-have – it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive (and of course I’d love it if you have a stash of effie’s paper for just such an occasion) – but your stationery should be nice enough for your recipient to remember it.

Next, click here for our foolproof Thank You Note Template. It's full of tips and tricks, perfect for any type of thank you note.

Stylishly yours,