Your Vibe Is Your Tribe :: Dasha Guyton

October 29, 2015

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Hi, my name is Dāsha Guyton. I’m a photographer, stylist, blogger, wife, and mother of one fur kid. When I moved to Chicago I found myself in desperate need of a business card to hand people at coffee shops and restaurants who wanted to chat about my outfit, hair or accessories. I decided a blog would be the easiest and most accessible solution. It was important to me to choose a name that would reflect the beautiful city I call home and the people in it. Therefore, Windy City Wardrobe was born. My site offers frugal fashion options for women of all sizes, shapes and colors.




Who’s in your Tribe? How have you grown it?
My tribe grew as I attended networking events for creative entrepreneurs. We’re spread out all over the midwest and consist of photographers, stylists, graphic designers, public relations professionals, and a disc jockey.
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Jalpa of Samosa Pop
Paige of Paige Mariah
How has your Tribe impacted your business?
I can now be in two places at once. For example if there are two events that are equally beneficial we split up then regroup and share information. It’s the next best thing to having a clone. This also keeps cost associated with networking and travel to a minimum. I won’t ever forget that one woman can make a difference but together we can rock the world!
How/When did you become part of the Effie’s Paper Tribe?
I posted some of the EP products on my blog in a post called August Obsessions. Then Kalyn told me about the tribe and I joined September of 2015. I love that it’s more than just pretty paper. It’s a collection of paper goods and accessories for the modern woman who is in tune with current events, pop culture, yet still appreciates tradition.
What’s your favorite social media platform?
 Instagram is by far my favorite. I’m a photographer and fashion blogger so a visually stunning platform is key! Plus your post doesn’t have to go viral to get a lot of feedback.
Do you write handwritten letters?
 No. I haven’t sent a hand written letter since grade school. For me, email replaced letters. Although I do regularly send hand written cards to friends and family. I always keep cards for every occasion so those near and far know I’m thinking of them.
What are your 5 favorite apps?
  • Over: When a photo doesn’t say everything I write over it with this app.
  • Zamato: I trust the food reviews here more than any other site because they take a personal approach to gathering data.
  • WordPress: I love staying connected with blogs I follow, and my followers.
  • Amazon: I avoid shopping in store, so having easy access to my prime account is crucial to the function of my household.
  • Rewards: I answer short surveys for Google Play Money. Who doesn’t want to be paid for their opinion?


What are your 5 favorite products – things you can’t live without?



  • Coffee: I’m a ‘but first coffee kind of girl’. I seriously can’t even brush my teeth before I have not one, but two cups of coffee.
  • Galaxy Note 5: I’d be lost with out my companion to keep me organized plus it takes amazing photos.
  • NPR: I don’t have time to watch the news, but I do have time to listen during my commute, and while I type.
  • MAC Plush Glass: I’ve tried dozens of lip moisturizers and this is the only product that works year round.
  • Books: You never know when someone or something will keep you waiting. A good book will keep you company every time.