Your Vibe Is Your Tribe :: Mallika Malhotra

September 10, 2015


Hi! I’m Mallika Malhotra. My friends call me Miki (thus my business name).  I am a photographer, a storyteller, a business owner, a creative cultivator, a party girl and a proud mama to three energetic boys. I love my morning coffee, hip-shaking music and a travel adventure.I first discovered my passion for photography when we moved to the West Coast many years ago. I had two young toddlers at the time so it wasn’t easy to travel across three time zones to visit family. I found myself feeling disconnected and it was heartbreaking that my relatives didn’t know my sons’ personalities. The days were long and lonely. So that’s when I picked up a camera and started snapping away. I wanted to capture every moment from milestones to the simple everyday moments in between. I wanted to help tell their story. Photography helped me feel connected again.


It became my lifeline.


The next thing I knew, I was reading books, taking photography workshops and finding different ways to learn the craft. I was hooked! A few years and thousands of photos later, I realized my passion wasn’t just about photography. It was about the people. I wanted to help tell their stories. I wanted to help them feel connected to the things they loved the most. I wanted to help them feel confident with their self-expression. I wanted to help them celebrate life.


That’s when I started mikifoto.


Who’s in your Tribe? How have you grown it?
Passionate women entrepreneurs and small business owners. Busy, fun-loving families who cherish togetherness. My business has grown through word of mouth, authentic networking and creating a distinct, client experience.
How has your Tribe impacted your business?
I would be lost without my tribe! They are my brand ambassadors, my referral engines, my supportive network. My success has everything to do with the people who believe in my brand.
How/When did you become part of the Effie’s Paper Tribe?
I connected with Kalyn through a private Facebook group. We collaborated to support each other with a #followfriday Instagram strategy.
What’s your favorite social media platform?
Instagram all the way! I am a photographer so the visual inspiration is a feast for my eyes and soul.
Do you write handwritten letters?
Sometimes but definitely not as often as I should. I try to include a handwritten note with all of my client’s photography products. It adds that personal touch!
What are your 5 favorite apps?
Instagram – I am obsessed with this visual platform! Loads of inspiration and a great way to connect and engage with your followers.
Dropbox – This storage app helps me keep all of my photos, documents and branding elements in one place with easy access.
VSCO Cam – Best photo editing app around and it’s free.
Over – Great app to add text over images to create cool graphics.
Wave – A super easy, free accounting software and invoice tool.
What are your 5 favorite products – things you can’t live without?
Paper Planner – I live by writing things done in my planner. It keeps me organized and I love the feeling of crossing things off.
iPhone 6 Plus – I need to be connected to my peeps, my email, my Instagram and my Facebook. Plus, the camera is incredible!
Journal – I carry a journal everywhere I go to track my to-do list, to download my braindumps and to record any new ideas.
Lip Gloss – This is that little something that makes me feel good and ready for the world. I may still be in my PJs working at my computer but if I have my gloss on, I feel like a million bucks.
Soul Cycle – Not a product but one of my addictions. This spin class is my favorite workout. It’s like dancing on a bike at a club while getting coached by a therapist. I always leave energized.
Where can we find you online?