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April 21, 2023



 Did you know that in addition to designing all of the products well sell at Effie's Paper, I use my graphic design skills to help non-profit organizations and other businesses, small and large?  Over the course of time I've worked with large brands like HBO, Goldman Sachs and MZ Wallace as well as smaller brands you may also be familiar with like Digital Undivided and Judge Lauren Lake.

 I've had the pleasure of creating private label products for other brands, wedding and gala invitations, websites, and branding projects.  If you're looking to re-brand, brand, create products to complement your services, build out your trade show booth, you name it, I'm here for you.  To learn a little bit more about these services, simply click here.

 Do you need services along these lines?  Click here to shoot me an email about your project.  I'd love to hear from you!  AND, if you know someone who might benefit from my services, please feel free to forward this email to them!


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