Protecting My Peace :: Post-It Notes

Protect your peace and do whatever is good for your soul . . .  This year has been about highs and lows; protecting your peace at whatever cost is good for the soul.  Use these post-its to remind those around you that #selfcare is at an all time high.  Silly work shenanigins?  Nip 'em in the bud when you had off the document, the file, the manuscript, you name it with our Protecting My Peace post-it not affixed to it.  Buy these NOW, thank us later!


• Printed on Post-It Note brand sticky notes

• This listing is for one post-it note pad.

• Each Post-It measures 3″w x 3″h

• Contains 50 pages (with a glue strip at top)

• Printed on 60 lb. white text weight paper

• Comes packaged in a resealable cello bag

• A must have for any college student, planner addict, entrepreneur, busy professional, social butterfly or busy mommy.

• These badass Post-It Notes make great Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Stocking Stuffers and just because gifts.

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