Lips & Kisses Pen/Stylus

If you want to get your arrows and lines and stuff in your IG story right, you NEED this stylus sis!  Yes, you’ve been trying to figure out how that girl’s IG story is always on point with the arrows and cute doo-dads, right?  She’s using a stylus, not her finger.  And if you’ve gotta have one it might as well be cute!  Oh and do double duty as a pen so that you’re really getting your bang for your buck … I mean, why not, right?  Girl, you might want to get two so that you can leave one in your bag and one on your nightstand.  Just a thought … snag yours NOW.

• Pen Writes in Black Ink

• Twist to open and close.

• Stylus tip for your phone or tablet

• This listing is for 1 pen.
• This stylus is perfect for all you social media mavens who need to wow us on Insta and Snapchat. The stylus is perfect for your stories and the pen writes so smoothly that you'll never leave home without it. 

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