Boss Babe Bundle

Who says work can't be fun!?!?  Our BOSS BABE Bundle will help you look forward to your daily tasks. You know you should be hustlin' in style, right girlfriend?!?!  Start your days motivated and inspired!  If you've got a Boss Babe friend who's a little down and could use some pretty desk accessories in her life, gift her one of our Boss Babe Bundles to life her spirts and help her level up.  A super cute card is included - we'll sign your name to make it even more special for the friend lucky enough to receive this gift set.


  • Boss Babe Notebook
  • Whiskey Lover Ceramic Coffee Mug
  • Double Pom-Pom Tassel
  • Surprise stationery
  • Thank You Wax Seals
  • Gold Pearl Clip Pen
  • I Uber to the Gym Makeup Pouch