Just Because Bundle

Make someone's day by sending her our JUST BECAUSE Bundle.  You know we believe in pumping our girls up; why not send this bundle of joy to one of your BFFs just because?  This bundle is perfect for someone who's just moved to a new locale whether it's a new city or a college dorm room. There's nothing like receiving a surprise package filled with pretty goodness in the mail! We'll even include a super cute card and sign your name to make it even more special for the friend lucky enough to receive this special gift set.


  • LOVE Gold Bead Bracelets
  • Gold Facemask Chain
  • Too Glam Boxed Stationery Set
  • Peace, Love & Coconut Oil Makeup Pouch
  • Lovely: Crystal Barrette
  • Wanderluster Wallet
  • Temporary Tattoos