Vaxed & Relaxed Bundle

The perfect way to make it through a second lockdown if necessary?  Our NEW VAXED & RELAXED Bundle! All of us over here at The EP HQ are Vaxed&Relaxed ... our secret? We bundled up some of our favorite items from the shop and put together a super cute kit for anyone who's nervous about Delta, ready for Delta or somewhere in between.  If your mom, sissy or bestie falls into one of these categories send her one of our Vaxed&Relaxed bundles as a treat.  She'll love you all the more!  We'll even include a super cute card and sign your name to make it even more special for the friend lucky enough to receive this special gift set.


  • Black Face Mask Chain
  • Whiskey Lover Ceramic Coffee Mug
  • 100% That B Socks
  • Black Face Mask Chain
  • Pretty: Crystal Barrette
  • Peace Love & Coconut Oil Makeup Pouch
  • Silk Eye Mask
  • Temporary Tattoos